We have a number of adoptive parents in the United States, Canada, Spain and France who have adopted their children from NEW LIFE LINK. They have given us p-ermission to use their names as references.  We place our children  ONLY through HAGUE - IBESR  licensed adoption agencies in different States. These references are available upon request from Dr Jacob Bernard (  Make sure you take time to check out our references.  Please, do not ask us for any additional references. Once you start working with us, there must be a strong mutual trust.  We do not appreciate suspicious questions.  If you do not trust us, please, know that we will not trust you also with our children.We will not deceive you knowingly or even let you down on purpose.

If you are seriously considering adopting from NEW LIFE LINK, please feel free to contact our group of adoptive parents at: .  This is a free support group but it is necessary to join by going to this web address and following the instructions.Then contact us directly and we will refer you to an HAGUE - IBESR licensed / approved adoption agency.
Please,know that NLL partners with the following HAGUE-IBESR licensed / approved adoption agencies. Please contact one of the following adoption agencies:


2. A LOVE  BEYOND BORDERS / Stephanie Thoet

Jacob J.Bernard

MFI-Unit 2109-UEBH
3170 Airmans Drive
Fort Pierce, FL 34946
Office: (011-509) 3713-7000,3720-7000,3384-7000, 3385-7000
Jacob's Cell:   (011-509) 3710-7000, or 4272-7000
Claudette's Cell:  3712-7000, 4273-7000
E-mail: or,

PERSONAL:  Date of birth: December 31, 1946. Place of birth: Mirebalais, Haiti   Marital status: Married to Claudette Stuppard, on  September 14,  1974
4 married children: Jacob , Joseph, David, Samuel, and 8 wonderful grand-children ; 
  Immigrated to the United States on August 12, 1970 and became a naturalized American Citizen on October 25,1978.  

Ph. D.     University of North Texas, Denton, Texas ;
M. Ed.     University of North Texas, Denton, Texas;    
M.A. ( F.C)  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Forth Worth, Texas;
M.A. (R.E)   Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary , Forth Worth, Texas;
B. A.  The Baptist College of Florida, Graceville, Florida;
B. A.     State University of Haiti LAW SCHOOL, Port-au-Prince

Dec 1990 - Sept 2001 :Professor of General Psychology, and Family Counseling at the Theological Evangelical Seminary of Port-au-Prince (STEP) January 1993
Oct 1991- Present: Family counselor at the Bolosse Baptist Church.       
 Jan 1993 -  Present: Founder and Director of NEW LIFE LINK (Adoption)
April 1996- Present: Co-Founder of the orphanage Hope for the Children of Haiti (H.F.C).
Jan 2001- Jan 2002 : Associate Pastor at the Second Baptist Church of  Port-au-Prince. 
Jan  2004- Present :   Associate Preacher at the Conservative Baptist Church of Thomassin.
Jan  2013 - Present : Founder and Director of the NGO Passion for Souls.

Personal references on request.

Our Adoptive Families

Our adoptive families are made up of married couples with no children, families with children, single and divorced women,  who believe that Jesus Christ  is God,  the Son of God the Father and the only Lord and Savior of mankind, and apart from Him,  there is no salvation.  Anybody who does not personally believe in and accept  Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior , cannot adopt children from NLL.Active church membership is important to us too.

We, ourselves at NLL, are committed Evangelical Born Again  Baptist Christians.  We do not discriminate against  other  Christian groups. However, we will not place our children with certain families  who call themselves Christians.  Therefore, we ask that all of our prospective adoptive families to be honest with us from the very beginning. We strongly suggest that no families start  preparing their dossiers without having our approval, or the approval of one of our partners HAGUE-IBESR adoption agencies.  Please, do not assume that  you will be approved to adopt from NLL, although we will happily and gratefully approve all qualified families who are biblically Christians.

Any persons or families who are: 1) Biblically Christians, 2) at least 30 years old ( for a married couple one of them has to be at least 30),  3) married for five (5) years or more, are automatically qualified to adopt from our NEW LIFE LINK. Single women must be at least 35 years old. There is no guarantee, but special consideration might be possible for women who are under age 35, who have a medical certificate stating that they are sterile, meaning that they can never have biological children. 
The age braket is 30 through 50 years old for the oldest. However, for a married couple, if one is 49 and the other 50 years old, yes,  they can adopt. As long as one of the married couple is under 50, they can adopt. Please, keep in mind if both couple over 50 years, they can adopt older children or special need children. There is no limit on the children you can adopt, as long as you can provide for their many needs.

Our service to our adoptive families is personalized, ethical and professional. There is no risk involved in losing your money or not adopting a child.  Our Christian character, good reputation, tested professionalism, in-depth experience, reasonable service fees, and friendly staff, have made NEW LIFE LINK one of the fastest growing adoption agencies in the land. Still, we are very open to constructive criticism whatever it may be, especially from our adoptive parents.

So far, we have earned the trust, the respect and the friendship of all of our adoptive parents. They are our references. If you try us one time, you will get hooked with us. This is  our challenge to you.