Traveling to Haiti

Port-au-Prince - Airport : Welcome to Haiti ! Your child is waiting on you. As you get to the Airport in Port-au-Prince, you need to claim your luggage. If you want to use a cart, go to the left end corner of the luggage area and buy a ticket for $2, and somebody will hand you a cart. Go through customs and go outside the building; just follow everybody else, for there is only one door to go outside. As you step outside, there will be a crowd waiting and some of the guys would try to grab your luggage. Do not get intimidated, they are not thieves, but just aggressive porters who want a job.  Look for someone with a sign which reads: " NEW LIFE LINK welcomes you to Haiti". That driver will be standing by the exit door. This driver works for NEW LIFE LINK / BETHEL GUEST HOUSE, but please ask him for identification. He will take you right to Bethel Guest House.

Bethel Guest House - click here for more information on costs for rooms and board at the Bethel Guest House, managed by the Bernards.


1. For adoptive parents, for standard transport around Port-au-Prince ( pick up and drop off airport, shopping, visiting New Life Link, U.S Consulate.etc), total flat fee is $100 per adult. 
2. For excursions outside the city the fee is $175 per day for an SUV, including gas and driver. The SUV can hold up to 6 people.
3. We also have a 15 passenger van, or a minibus, or Taptap available for $250 per day including gas and driver, depending on the need of families or groups..

Our Relationship Our Relationship is very good with the Haitian Government Agencies, the American Consulate/ USCIS  office in Port-au-Prince.  We have a very good record of success with these most important offices in adoption. With the grace of God, we will maintain such a good working relationship which is above reproach.

YOUR DECISION to adopt from NEW LIFE LINK is much easier now that  you have all the necessary information. We covet the privilege of having you among our group of satisfied adoptive families. If you have been seriously praying, planning, and trusting God about adopting a child, let us know how we can be at your service. NEW LIFE LINK based in Haiti, can find a child for you from birth and up. You just decide the gender and the age range of your child.