We are always looking for short and long term volunteers to work with the babies and toddlers at New Life Link and the teenagers at our partner orphanage, Hope for the Children of Haiti. At New Life Link, volunteers teach the older children English and/or French, they take photos and facilitate communication with adoptive families, they do simple learning activities such as coloring and singing, and they give the babies the love and attention that all children need. At Hope for the Children of Haiti, there is opportunity to tutor and mentor teens, teach English and computer skills, organize educational and spiritual programs, coach sports, and make a difference in the life of an adolescent. 

The children of New Life Link and Hope for the Children of Haiti benefit greatly from the presence of an American volunteer. The one-on-one attention and the special skills that volunteers offer bring much life and joy to the orphanage. Likewise, volunteers themselves are deeply affected by the relationships with the children and by the experience of living in Haiti. Saying good-bye at the end of a stay is usually the hardest part.

For information about volunteering at New Life Link, please contact us at jbnewlifelink@yahoo.com or jacobbernard@newlifelink.org

For information about volunteering with Hope for the Children of Haiti, please visit their website: hfchaiti.org

DONATIONS are graciously and gratefully accepted

Current Needs for NEW LIFE LINK Donations of Food, Clothing and Medicine and Other Key Necessities

Medicine : We need Imodium and antibiotics. Imodium is very expensive in Haiti. We also can use vitamins for children.

●    Imodium
●    Antibiotics for children
●    Vitamins

Toiletry Needs :

●    Baby soap and shampoo, hair bands and clasps for the little girls, laundry detergent,
●    Ammens powder, pampers, cloth diapers, baby wipes
●    Shampoo for adults
●    Vaseline petroleum
●    Toothpaste
●    Soap bar
●    Towels (colored if possible).

Clothes for ages 0-14 (Boys and Girls): We desperately need more clothes (ONLY SUMMER CLOTHES, please !).

●    Sheets (crib size and twin size), children's clothing (baby and older child), Shorts
●    T-shirts
●    Underwear and Socks:
●    Dresses
●    Black shoes for church and ceremonies! (Very important and we do not have enough).
●    Sandals and Sneakers
●    Flip flops (Please summer clothing only: it almost never gets below 700 F in Haiti!)

Food :

The following are some of the items that we use most :

●    Baby cereal, soy and milk-based infant formula, lots of baby rice cereal.
●    Dried cereal, Oatmeal (I know someone who loves dried raisins and raisin brand cereal J
●    Canned Tuna, Fish, Chicken and Ham/Meat. Please get it in cans as large as possible! We feed 60 children at HFC + the NEW LIFE LINK children 3 times a day. (Please no low fat/health foods. Rice, powdered milk, powered eggs, pasta, peanut butter, jelly, beans, are not significantly more expensive in Haiti and so it is preferable to collect meat and tuna cans above anything else.)

School Supplies :
●    children's toys
●    Children's and School books in ENGLISH
●    Children's Backpacks 
P. S.  Please bring the above items as you come to Haiti. Do not send us packages or boxes of clothing or food items. It costs too much money to get them out of customs. It is not worth it.